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Solar Panels Dundrum

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Opting for solar panel installation in your Dundrum residence is a discerning choice, offering immense benefits for not only your home but also for the environment and your budget. Creating your eco-friendly electricity leads to considerable cost reductions on your power bills, with average decreases between 70% and 95%. Achieving these savings is straightforward with expertly designed and properly fitted solar panel setups.

Our specialised team in solar PV panel and system installation is fully certified with SEAI registration and insurance, ensuring exceptional quality in our work. Our exclusive collaboration with the foremost equipment producers in the industry means we can offer extended warranties, often exceeding 25 years, securing a long-term financial advantage from your investment in solar panels.

The installation of solar panels is a financially astute decision that also substantially improves your Building Energy Rating (BER) score, often elevating your overall BER standing. This enhancement can markedly increase the market value of your property since BER scores are now crucial in determining property values. Attaining a BER score of B3 or above could also qualify you for lower interest rates on green mortgages, leading to significant savings across the mortgage term.

Beyond financial benefits, a sophisticated solar photovoltaic (PV) or solar PV system is instrumental in diminishing your carbon footprint. Producing your own transparent and renewable electricity aids in environmental conservation and shows a dedication to sustainable practices.

It is important for those who have or are considering a heat pump to recognize that these systems require electricity to operate. As a result, this could lead to a rise in your electricity expenses.

Property owners in Dundrum with homes built and occupied before the end of 2020 are eligible for a SEAI government grant up to €2,100 for solar panel installation. This grant provides a perfect opportunity to switch to solar power, leading to considerable reductions in electricity and potentially gas expenses. You can achieve additional financial benefits by integrating a hot water diverter and intelligent heating controls, which can cumulatively save hundreds of euros annually.

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