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Solar Panels Howth

Committing to solar panel installation in your Howth home is a wise and beneficial choice, offering significant advantages for your residence, the environment, and your financial situation. By producing your own eco-friendly and renewable electricity, you stand to make remarkable savings on your electric bills, typically observing a reduction between 70% and 95%. Achieving such levels of savings is straightforward with solar panel systems that are both well-designed and expertly installed.

Our professional team of solar PV panel and system installers is fully registered and insured under SEAI, ensuring exceptional craftsmanship. We form exclusive partnerships with leading manufacturers in the solar equipment industry, which allows us to offer you extensive warranties, usually lasting over 25 years. These long-term warranties contribute to the enduring financial benefits of your investment in solar panels.

Besides the economic gains, solar panel installation significantly boosts your Building Energy Rating (BER) score, frequently enhancing your overall BER rating. Such an improvement can considerably increase the market value of your property, given the increasing importance of BER ratings in property assessments. Achieving a BER score of B3 or better could qualify you for green mortgages with lower interest rates, saving you a significant amount over your mortgage’s lifespan.

Moreover, choosing a reliable solar photovoltaic (PV) system greatly lessens your carbon footprint. Producing your own clean, sustainable electricity is a strong demonstration of your commitment to environmental conservation and sustainable practices.

It’s important for homeowners with or planning to get a heat pump to remember that while these systems are efficient for heating, they still require electricity to function. This dependence could lead to a notable increase in your electricity bills.

Residents in Howth, especially those in homes built and occupied before December 31, 2020, can avail of a SEAI government grant up to €2,100 for installing solar panels. This grant presents an ideal opportunity to switch to solar energy, providing significant savings on your electricity and gas expenses. You can also achieve extra savings by adding a hot water diverter system and intelligent heating controls, leading to substantial yearly savings.

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