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Solar Panels Irishtown

Opting to install solar panels in your Irishtown residence is an astute and beneficial decision that offers extensive advantages for your home, the environment, and your financial well-being. Producing your own environmentally friendly electricity can lead to considerable cost reductions on your energy bills, with typical savings ranging from 70% to a remarkable 95%. Such significant savings are readily achievable with solar panel systems that are thoughtfully designed and expertly installed.

Our skilled team specialising in solar PV panels and systems is fully accredited with SEAI registration and insurance, assuring premium quality in our services. We form exclusive partnerships with the leading manufacturers in the solar equipment industry, securing extended warranties for our clients that often last beyond 25 years. These long-term warranties reinforce the enduring financial value of your investment in solar technology.

The benefits of installing solar panels extend beyond financial prudence; they also positively impact your Building Energy Rating (BER), often leading to an increase in your overall rating. This enhancement can substantially elevate your property’s market value, especially given the growing significance of BER ratings in property evaluations. Achieving a BER score of B3 or above may also qualify you for lower interest green mortgages, leading to significant savings throughout the life of your mortgage.

Moreover, a well-implemented solar photovoltaic (PV) or solar PV system substantially diminishes your carbon footprint. By producing clean and sustainable electricity, you are actively contributing to environmental conservation and showcasing your dedication to sustainable living practices.

For those with or considering the installation of a heat pump, it is essential to understand that while these systems are efficient for heating, they rely on electricity to function. This dependency might result in a rise in your electricity bills, sometimes by a considerable margin.

Property owners in Irishtown, particularly those with homes built and inhabited before December 31, 2020, are eligible for a SEAI government grant of up to €2,100 for solar panel installations. This grant presents an excellent opportunity to transition to solar power, thereby unlocking significant savings on both electricity and gas expenses.

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