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Solar Panels Kildare

Introducing solar panels to your Kildare residence brings a multitude of benefits, including financial savings, environmental responsibility, and enhanced property value. Solar panels are a wise investment, allowing you to generate electricity sustainably and independently. By harnessing the sun’s power, you can significantly reduce your electricity bill, with potential savings ranging from 70% to an impressive 95%. Achieving these savings is easily attainable with the right solar panel system design. Our team of expert solar PV panels and systems installers, fully SEAI registered and insured, ensures top-notch workmanship. Furthermore, we exclusively use premium equipment with industry-leading manufacturer warranties, providing you with peace of mind and over 25 years of savings based on these warranties.

Beyond immediate financial benefits, installing solar panels can also boost your Building Energy Rating (BER) score and overall property rating. BER ratings are crucial in property valuations, indicating ongoing running costs and whether a property meets modern standards or requires significant refurbishment. Achieving a BER score of B3 or higher may qualify you for a reduced green mortgage, yielding substantial savings over your mortgage’s lifetime.

Another compelling reason for installing solar panels is their contribution to reducing your carbon footprint. By enabling you to produce clean, sustainable electricity, solar panels reduce your reliance on fossil fuels, thereby lessening your environmental impact.

If you have a heat pump, you’re likely aware of its efficiency in heating your home. However, it’s vital to recognize that heat pumps require electricity to function, which can result in increased electricity bills. To counteract this increase and ensure optimal energy efficiency, installing solar panels alongside your heat pump is crucial.

Moreover, homeowners of houses built and occupied before December 31, 2020, stand to benefit from a SEAI government grant of up to €2,100 to install solar panels in Kildare and County Dublin. This incentive makes it an opportune moment to transition to solar energy, enabling significant savings on both your electricity and gas bills. Additionally, you can unlock further savings by integrating a hot water diverter system and smart heating controls, reducing your energy consumption and further lowering your bills.

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