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Solar Panels Saggart

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Investing in solar panels for your Saggart home is a strategically sound decision that offers a multitude of benefits for your property, the environment, and your financial health. By generating your own clean and sustainable electricity, you have the potential to realise substantial savings on your electricity bills, typically ranging from an impressive 70% to an outstanding 95%. Achieving these remarkable savings is easily attainable through the implementation of well-designed and meticulously installed solar panel systems.

When it comes to solar panel installation, it is imperative to entrust the task to skilled and certified professionals. Our team of solar PV panel and system installers is fully registered with the Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland (SEAI) and backed by comprehensive insurance, ensuring the highest standard of workmanship. We maintain exclusive partnerships with industry-leading equipment manufacturers, providing you with the confidence of extended warranties, typically spanning over an impressive 25 years. These warranties safeguard your solar panel investment, assuring you of lasting financial benefits.

The installation of solar panels not only brings financial advantages but also elevates your Building Energy Rating (BER) score and frequently raises your overall BER rating. This enhancement can significantly augment your property’s value, as BER ratings now play a pivotal role in property valuations. Attaining a BER score of B3 or higher may even make you eligible for reduced-rate green mortgages, leading to substantial savings over the duration of your mortgage.

Beyond the financial benefits, a smart solar photovoltaic (PV) or solar PV system significantly reduces your carbon footprint. By generating your own clean and sustainable electricity, you actively contribute to environmental conservation and demonstrate a strong commitment to sustainability. Solar energy is a renewable and eco-friendly energy source that plays a crucial role in mitigating greenhouse gas emissions and addressing the pressing issue of climate change. Opting for solar panels is a responsible choice for homeowners who wish to make a positive environmental impact.

For homeowners who already own or plan to install heat pump systems, it is vital to recognize that these systems, although highly efficient in heating, rely on electricity to operate. Consequently, your electricity bill may experience a noticeable increase. Solar panels seamlessly complement heat pump systems by providing the requisite electricity to power them. This synergy allows you to optimise the efficiency of both systems while maintaining control over your energy costs, ensuring a comfortable and energy-efficient home without incurring excessive expenses.


Homeowners with properties constructed and occupied before December 31, 2020, have the opportunity to benefit from a SEAI government grant offering financial support of up to €2,100 for the installation of solar panels in Saggart. This incentive makes the present an opportune time to embrace solar energy, enabling you to unlock substantial savings on both your electricity and gas bills. Furthermore, additional savings can be achieved by incorporating a hot water diverter system and smart heating controls, resulting in annual savings amounting to hundreds of euros.

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