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Solar Panels Seabury

Opting for solar panel installation in your Seabury residence represents a smart choice that brings numerous advantages to your home, the surrounding environment, and your budget. When you start to produce your own clean and renewable electricity, you can anticipate considerable reductions in your electricity expenses. Homeowners often experience a decrease in their bills ranging from 70% to an impressive 95%, a feat achievable through expertly designed and installed solar panel systems.

Our team, specialising in solar PV panel and system installation, is fully accredited by SEAI and holds comprehensive insurance. This assures you of superior quality in our work. We collaborate exclusively with top-tier equipment suppliers in the industry, ensuring that you receive products accompanied by extensive warranties, often exceeding 25 years. These long-term warranties reinforce the enduring financial gains from your investment in solar panels.

Beyond the monetary benefits, installing solar panels can significantly enhance your Building Energy Rating (BER). Improving your BER score can substantially increase the market value of your property, as these ratings have become crucial in property appraisals. Properties with a BER rating of B3 or above may qualify for green mortgages at reduced rates, offering significant savings throughout the mortgage period.

From an environmental standpoint, investing in a proficient solar photovoltaic (PV) system substantially diminishes your carbon footprint. Generating your own clean and sustainable electricity symbolises a commitment to environmental conservation and aligns with sustainable living practices.

It’s important for those considering or already using a heat pump to be aware that these systems, while efficient in heating, do require electricity to operate. This might lead to a noticeable increase in your electricity bills.

Homeowners in Seabury, whose properties were built and occupied before December 31, 2020, are eligible for a SEAI government grant of up to €2,100 to install solar panels. This grant presents a timely opportunity to switch to solar energy, facilitating significant savings on both electricity and gas bills.

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